Kin Ecosystem



addme logo

Aggregate all of your social media profiles into a single location.

The Blast App

Blast direct messages to your most important friends, customers and fans.


Start chatting instantly with other people, no endless menus or distractions. Chat? Swap? or just Ditch?

Kik Messenger

kik logo

The easiest way to chat with your friends and share. All without a phone number, just pick a username.


Create hilarious memes in a matter of seconds with instant voiceovers and subtitles.


Test your matchmaking skills by deciding whether two people will be a good couple or not.  If you’re right, you win Kin.


nearby logo

A social network for chatting, meeting and making new friends.


Text, talk and enjoy content from Netflix, Youtube, Reddit and more with your friends.  


Reveald logo

A dating app that reveals a user’s personality traits while simultaneously revealing photos, to throttle judgmental behaviour.


Is a crowdsourced knowledge utility where users ask questions, share opinions and learn instantly.


vent logo

Is a community-driven social platform that lets its uplifting community express their feelings and support for one another.


Compare two pictures & enjoy the fastest way to collect opinions from friends and a worldwide active community.


Kinguist logo

A language-learning app that lets users create modules and quizzes in their native language to help others learn.


An AI-based education platform that lets users create course modules for others with a built-in rewards mechanism.


kinit logo

Kinit is a fun, easy way to earn Kin. Get rewarded for completing fun daily activities like surveys, quizzes, interactive videos and more.


kinny logo

Effortlessly send Kin to users on Twitter, Reddit and Discord with more to come! Earn Kin by completing surveys and quizzes in the app.

During game nights, contestants compete in skill-based games for Kin prizes. 

RPS for Messenger

RPS Messenger is a rock, paper and scissors game for Facebook messenger. Bet and win Kin. 

Trivia Clan

Trivia clan is a daily single-elimination trivia competition where users compete for a grand prize of Kin.

gochallengeme logo

A social platform that will incentivize people to achieve their goals through competition and accountability.

Kinetic (beta)

Is an app with an incentive-based mechanism to help users achieve their fitness goals.

Pause For

pause for logo

Is a productivity app, built to help users focus on their tasks while earning digital currency for their chosen charities.


perfect365 logo

Augmented reality beauty platform that allows millions of users to try makeup and hair from hundreds of brands digitally.

Kimeo (beta)

kimeo logo

Kimeo is a video sharing platform where everyone gets rewarded.

Klicktion (beta)

Klicktion is a gamified platform where anyone can earn and spend Kin by reading and writing interactive fiction stories.

King VPN

king vpn

A secure and fast VPN that allows you to purchase bandwidth with Kin. 

Photo Mail Joy

Order photo prints from your your phone using Kin for payments.

Wicrypt (beta)

A Wi-Fi sharing app that uses the blockchain to allow users to earn money while sharing mobile data.


beseech logo

Beseech is a location based forum to post bounties and ask for favors from the community.


find logo

A diverse community of open-minded travelers looking to discover new friends. Search for travelers with similar interests in your hometown or destination city. 

Kindred (beta)

Kindred is a social driven app where interaction between users is rewarded with Kin. Find and meet other people in real life in your local area.